Open Source Syntropy: A Guide

Syntropic agriculture is a process-based form of farming that (while drawing heavily on and overlapping with tropical homegardens, indigenous agroforestry / food forests etc) emerges from Brazil. Think highly diverse food forests organised in rows for production with the [crucial] inclusion of a range of support species so that your system can generate its own fertility internally. No more jet lagged fertilizer!

Diverse and highly experimental 1 year old ‘alley crop’ system between two syntropic tree rows in Auckland. The best way to learn about syntropic agroforestry is to plant and observe (and manage!) your system.

There are a limited number of written resources in English and none based on the New Zealand context so I made a little open source guide, complete with planning tools to help you get started in a very practical way. You can download it for free below:

Note that the guide includes and shouts out a number of practitioners and teachers in NZ as well as overseas so while I won’t repeat that list here I do want to point out that it’s in there! Practitioners over experts; please share and pass on your own planting materials and learnings etc. Changing our food systems to be more ecologically sustainable is 100% linked to making them more socially and economically sustainable so it’s vital we include those factors from the start ๐Ÿ™‚

Who knows, maybe I’ll fire this blog up again and write more on food sovereignty and the hugely missing political dimension from many practitioners of permaculture… but in the meantime, here’s a few [older] publications from the magazine Stone Soup: on the collective possibilities latent in food; and of the risks of doomer paranoia/isolation.

2 thoughts on “Open Source Syntropy: A Guide

  1. Kia ora Dan your pdf guide is da bomb. You explain the complexity and diversity of the syntropic way beautifully – but it’s also easy to understand and well laid out.

    And the planning resources are freaking awesome. Massive thanks ๐Ÿ™

    Blogs a great read too, it’s great to see kลrero spreading ideas like

    Blogs a great read too. Great to hear more about degrowth and return to local economies.


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